Widening the Sidewinder pant leg

The pattern for the Sidewinder Pants has a tapered leg - not massively, but just enough to create a flattering shape ...

Hacking the Heron (shirt or dress)

Here's to one of our favourite sewing patterns - the ever versatile Heron Shirt and Heron Dress. Favoured because it'...

Adding leg trim

A little trim in the right place and you've turned something a little plain into a garment with pizzaz. Here's how to add leg trim to the Pukeko and Hummingbird Pants.

Matching plaid & patterned fabric (Sidewinder Pant)

 Tips for matching plaid or pattern fabric on the Sidewinder Pant: The key design feature on the Sidewinder Pant is ...

Cropping the Hummingbird Hoody

How to crop the Hummingbird Hoody

Embellishing the Hummingbird Hoody

How to add personal touches to your Hummingbird Hoody by embellishing.

Sewing patterns for total beginners

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