How do I choose the pattern size?

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CHOOSE YOUR SIZE based upon the size chart.
If you are a beginner sewer, we suggest ignoring the Finished Measures chart for now.

Each pattern listing has the size chart as one of the last images. The image will enlarge if you hover over it (especially useful if you are using a mobile phone).

Most of our patterns come in 4 size bundles. This allows you to grade up or down if you have, for example, hips that make you a size 14, but a waist that equates you to a size 12.

Refer this tutorial with help choosing your size.

Our size bundles are as follows:
Small - (NZ/AU/UK 6-8-10-12  | US 2-4-6-8)   
Medium - (NZ/AU/UK 10-12-14-16  | US 6-8-10-12) 
Large - (NZ/AU/UK 14-16-18-20  | US 10-12-14-16)
X-Large - (NZ/AU/UK 16-18-20-22  | US 12-14-16-18

So if your measurements put you closest to a size 14 (NZ,AU,UK), we suggest you select the MEDIUM size bundle which gives you sizes NZ/AU/UK10-16.

If you measure size US14, we suggest you select the XLARGE size bundle giving you sizes US 12-18.

Difficulty level

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Our mission is to create EASY, MODERN sewing patterns - with a modern design twist. We do our best to create beautifully simple styles that make you feel wonderful and that most people can sew - even if you are a true beginner.

We rate our patterns from 1 to 5 in difficulty to help you choose (1 for total beginners and 5 for advanced).


I purchased the pattern but didn't get any emails.

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Please get in touch. You may have accidentally entered your email address incorrectly - and the email will have bounced back to us. It's an easy fix.

Received the purchase confirmation but not the download link.

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Please check your email spam folder in case your security settings have diverted the email on arrival. If you find the download email in your spam, please uncheck it as spam (move it to your inbox or save it) so your mailbox knows you want to receive emails from us in future.

or for more
detailed information on how to measure yourself and see which TSR size best
aligns with you check out our blog on Choosing Your Size right here.

or for more detailed information on how to measure
yourself and see which TSR size best aligns with you check out our blog
on Choosing
Your Size right here.

or for more detailed information on how to measure yourself and see
which TSR size best aligns with you check out our blog on Choosing Your Size
right here.

My downloads have expired. What do I do?

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The file(s) are downloaded to your device that you click the download button on (that’s why it’s important to only click the download button on the device you will print from). We give you 3 attempts in case you accidentally click the link when you are on your mobile phone - but you only need to download once. The file will appear on the bottom left hand corner of your screen. Right click to open it and save it on your computer for printing any time you want in the future. As many times as you want. 

The file is always automatically saved in the Downloads folder of your computer – so if you missed it, have a peek in there
(you can use the search option on your computer).

I can't find my patterns

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There are 2 ways to find them!

1. Check the Downloads (or sometimes Documents) folder on your device. If you've clicked the download link on that device, your pattern files will be there. We recommend saving them to a folder that you can refer to (and print from) later.

2. If it's been a while, you can set up an account (or log in if you already have) and all your purchases, with links to downloads, will be listed there (just remember to use the same email address that you used to purchase the patterns when you set up your account).


How do I print only my size?

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You can use the ADOBE LAYERS FEATURE to open
the PAH pattern file and print only the size you need (and eliminate the
"noise" of the unwanted sizes). You can also use the URL and bookmark
links within the file to quickly access information and support. Download 
Adobe Reader for
free (for Windows and Mac) here.

My pattern has not printed to scale (or looks wrong)

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1. Check your printer is set to ACTUAL size or 100% scale.

2. Paper orientation should be AUTO.

3. Borderless printing is turned off.

You may like to refer our tutorial on printing PDF patterns.

Adobe layers function is not working.

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Check you are viewing (and printing) using Adobe Reader and that you haven't just opened the file on your internet browser (Chrome or Microsoft Edge etc).

Adobe Reader is available as a free download from the official site on a laptop or desktop. If you don't have adobe reader, you may not be able to use the layers function to print only your size.

The layers function is currently unavailable on mobile devices (phones, ipads and tablets).

My pattern tiles are missing the border and circles

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Check your printer orientation is set on AUTO. Look at the preview box to see if this has fixed the problem before you push "print".

My pattern has weird jagged lines

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This is a HP printers software communication glitch. You need to use “print as image” option in Advanced print settings.

Why is my pattern so tiny?

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You have opened the wrong file. The AO file is large scale and is designed to pass to a Copy Shop to print. The file labelled PAH (Print-at-home) is the one that can be used to print on A4 or US Letter.

Print shop is telling me the AO file is locked

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Some Print shop websites will not allow the automatic upload of files that are locked for editing (because they require their web software to check the ink levels in a document first and if a file is locked it can't do that). Most of them will however, allow you to email the file to them directly (remind them to print to scale or 100%).

We have also provided a list of Print Shops who offer an online service that does allow upload of locked files. These are listed here for your reference.


When will I receive my pattern?

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A link to download the PDF sewing pattern and instructions are emailed directly to your inbox immediately after payment is confirmed. Sometimes it may take a few minutes if things are overloaded in cyberspace.

Simply click the link and select the file(s) to download (they will appear in the bottom left hand corner of your screen). Click to open, right click to save on your device so that you can open and print any time in the future.

You will not receive a paper copy of our patterns in the post.

We sell only printable sewing patterns in the form of a PDF document. This is kinder to the environment (no fuel used to freight) and you receive your pattern immediately.


Are your patterns only in English?

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Do you sell paper patterns?

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Sorry, but no.

If printing and compiling patterns at home is not your thing (or you don't have a home printer), it is super easy to take the AO file to a print shop. The AO file is in large scale and a Print shop will print it out on large paper.

Also, we think there are many advantages of digital patterns over pre-printed ones. Here's a few:
1. You receive them instantly into your email inbox (no waiting for the post).
2. Once you have saved them to your device, you can print them time and time again in the future.
3. Because the physical pattern is not posted (all the way from NZ), you are also helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Why do you sell in size bundles?

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We sell our patterns in bundles of 4 sizes. This ensures sewers requiring small sizes don't print out a heap of blank spaces (saving paper).
Four size options still allow you to grade between sizes if necessary.


How do I know how much fabric to by?

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Each pattern listing has the fabric (and haberdashery) requirement as one of the last images. The image will enlarge if you hover over it (especially useful if you are using a mobile phone in a fabric store).

What if I get stuck on a sewing problem?

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Get in touch and we'll do our best to help you out.

You can DM us on Facebook or Instagram or email us at info@sewingrevival.co.nz

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