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About Our Patterns

When you purchase a digital pattern from The Sewing Revival you will be supplied with a link to immediately download  a PDF file which includes your pattern pieces and written instructions on compiling your paper pattern and sewing up your garment.

The pattern pieces are printed on grid squares so you can check you have printed to scale and to help you line up your pieces of paper prior to taping them together. Printing and taping instructions are included in more detail here.

Our patterns include all seam and hem allowances which are clearly marked. Seam allowances are  1cm  / 3/8″.  Patterns include all other markings such as button placement, notches, balance points, lengthen and shorten indicators.

We know that one pattern will never fit every body and include instructions to alter the length (shorten or lengthen) of our patterns. We also try to ensure all our patterns have a relaxed fit (or good margin of error) to accommodate a range of body shapes. We like to celebrate how unique people are and hope that is reflected in our patterns.

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