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There is beauty in simplicity.  Sometimes we make things too complex and just getting started becomes daunting.

The Sewing Revival is about making things simple and ensuring that clever design and simple construction are not mutually exclusive. It’s about rediscovering the joy of bringing to life a piece of fabric to create something that reflects your personality and style. To take time and to indulge in the creative process as much as it is about the outcome.

The first collection is dominated by garments that are simple – with a different perspective. There are no zips, welt pockets or button holes. I have tried to challenge the conventional by mixing knit and woven fabric together and using simple techniques like gathering in unusual places.

Design is focused on achieving a balance of attractive aesthetics and simple construction.


The Sewing Revival designs patterns for beginner and intermediate sewers with a focus on providing positive sewing experiences and successful outcomes.  Instructions are clear and uncomplicated and the designs attempt a little something different.

When you purchase a digital pattern from The Sewing Revival you will be supplied with a link to immediately download  a PDF file which includes your pattern pieces and written instructions on compiling your paper pattern and sewing up your garment.

The pattern pieces are printed with markings to align them prior to taping them together. Printing and taping instructions are included in more detail here.

Our patterns include all seam and hem allowances which are clearly marked. Seam allowances are  1cm  / 3/8″.  Patterns include all other markings such as button placement, notches, balance points, lengthen and shorten indicators.

We know that one pattern will never fit every body and include instructions to alter the length (shorten or lengthen) of our patterns. We also have a photo blog explaining how to adjust the length of a pattern here. We try to ensure all our patterns have a relaxed fit (or good margin of error) to accommodate a range of body shapes. We like to celebrate how unique people are and encourage you to explore alternative looks within a single pattern with different fabric selections.

Our patterns are available worldwide via digital download.


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