Widening the Sidewinder pant leg

The pattern for the Sidewinder Pants has a tapered leg - not massively, but just enough to create a flattering shape on the leg.

It is super easy to widen the leg to create a fuller & straighter leg profile, and the secret is to adjust the inner leg seam only. Any adjustment or alteration to the outside leg seam may interfere with the "side winding" design feature.

Adjusting the Sidewinder Pants

Step 1 - Tape extra paper to the inside of both the Front and Back leg pattern pieces of your existing Sidewinder Pant printed pattern.
Please excuse the "tattiness" of the pattern pieces used in this tutorial - our size 10 Sidewinder pant pattern is much loved and used.

How to widen pant leg

Step 2 - Square off the bottom edge of both the front and back legs using a ruler or set square. Mark a line that extends from the bottom edge.

Step 3 - Decide how much wider you wish your pant leg to be. In our example (that was used to create the size 10 black pants in the image above)- we have added 6cm to the front and back inner legs (effectively adding 12cm extra width to each leg).  For a size 10, adding 6cm creates a nice straight(ish) line from 3cm below the crutch to the hem.

 Mark 6cm out from the existing pattern edge along the line created in Step 2.

How to widen the Sidewinder pant leg

 Step 4 - Mark up 16cm from the end point you have just created. Ensure you mark this line at right angles 45 degrees to the extension line.

How to widen a pant leg

 Step 5 - Using a pencil, and starting approximately 3cm down from the existing crutch curve, draw a nice curve and line down to the top of the 16cm line you created at step 4.

 Widening a pant leg sewing pattern

Step 6 - Cut out your adjusted pattern piece (in this case it is the pattern back) and lay it over top of the other piece (the front).  Align the bottom edge and corner and also the crutch point.

Now mark the same leg curve on to the front pattern piece using a pencil.

How to widen a pant leg

Step 7 - cut out your second pattern piece and you are now ready to sew up your wide leg Sidewinder Pant.

How to widen a pant leg

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