Downloading & saving your pattern files

Whilst you get 3 attempts to download your pattern files, you only need one.

Please ensure you click the link to download your files when you are on the device you wish to save to (not your mobile phone).

1. Once clicked, the downloaded file will automatically appear on the BOTTOM LEFT HAND CORNER of your screen (in most cases).

2. Click to open the file and then RIGHT CLICK to SAVE the file to your computer. We suggest creating a new folder on your computer called "Sewing Patterns" and then saving all 3 files (Instructions, PAH and large scale AO) to that folder. You may wish to have sub-folders with the pattern name if you have more than one pattern.

3. Simply return to the folder and open each file if and when you need them.

4. PRINT SHOP COPY: If you wish to print the large scale file (Labelled "AO" or "Print Shop") simply upload this file to the print shop website or copy the same file to a USB stick and present it in person at the printers. More help with large scale printing here.

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