Hummingbird Hoody & Sweatshirt (Youth)

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Super easy hoody pattern for beginners. No pockets. 

Great for active wear or smart casual, this hoody can be be made from warm winter knit or a light cotton weave for summer fashion. Full length, cropped or lengthened into a Hoody dress this pattern is extremely versatile.

Unleash your creative and make your hoody unique by embellishing it.  Line the hood with a contrasting fabric or add a screen printed image.  Ideas for embellishing are on our Pinterest Page. Our grey hoody has been embellished with an old crochet table cloth bought from a second hand shop and we love it.

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    Heavy knits like fleece cotton*, polar fleece, merino wool and wool mixes (for a winter hoody)
    Our grey sample is made up in cotton sweat shirting and embellished with a second-hand crochet table cloth, the knit hoody was sewn from a polyester/acrylic knit.

    You may like to use a cotton or lightweight fabric to make a summer style hoody. This looks good cropped at the waist with a drawstring gather. Cotton, linens and cotton/polyester/rayon mixes are great for this but note that you might like to choose a larger pattern size than normal as woven fabrics do not stretch. Click the "Style Options" tab to learn more about the pattern variations.
    The pink Crop Hoody & the green summer weight full length hoody have been made from sheets we found at the second hand store. 

    *Please also note that all (new) fabric should be pre-washed in case of shrinkage. Some fabrics will not shrink but 100% cotton,linen and rayon are almost guaranteed to shrink. It doesn't hurt to be safe and remove any dodgy chemical build up that may have occurred during printing anyway.

  • Size Chart (Youth)Please note that the size chart is not the finished garment measurements.
    We recommend that you also measure your body length and compare to the finished garment length measurements given. To achieve a perfect, individual fit, you may need to adjust the patterns length.
    Click here for help with finding your size.

  • Suitable for Beginners. Able to sew a curved seam. This hoody is able to be sewn with or without an overlocker (serger).
    Beginner sewing
     Check out our Tips on Sewing Knits. 

  • This pattern is extremely versatile, made with or without the hood, winter or summer weight fabric, and either at full length or cropped.

    Notes for woven fabric:
    If you are planning to make the hoody in a summer weight fabric (like woven cotton) then you need to be mindful that a woven fabric does not stretch. There ware 2 ways to address this:
    (a) you can cut out your bodice pieces slightly larger, by adding 1cm (3/8") more to the centre front and centre back or,
    (b) use a pattern one size bigger than you normally would, and adjust the sleeve and body length to fit when hemming.

    Style Variations:
    Full length or cropped
    With or without the hood
    Elasticated cuffs or stretch knit
    Warm knit and/or fleece fabric or a totally different look in lightweight wovensContrast sleeves, hood linings and cuffs
    Hoody dress - this pattern is able to be "hacked" by simply extending the length of the hoody. 

    >Click here for the tutorial on how we embellished the grey hoody with the old table cloth

    > Click here for the tutorial on how to make a cropped hoody or sweatshirt using the Hummingbird Hoody pattern 

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