Class Bundle

For some youth patterns you can purchase a School Pack that allows you to introduce students to a Digital Pattern.  The school effectively purchases the pattern in bulk and a unique code is issued so that students can work through the download (and compilation) process themselves.  As a school you may or may not choose to re-charge your students.

What does a Class Bundle look like?

  1. One digital pattern for one Soft Materials Tech class* for one term with the ability to download the same pattern in accordance with the following prices:
    • $55 for up to 30 downloads
    • $30 for up to 10 downloads
    • If you have 5 or less in your class, please get in touch and there will be a carry over option available.
  2. Once you have paid you will be issued a unique code (in a separate email) that you and your students can use to download the specific pattern for that term. This will give each student an opportunity to learn to purchase online (without any $ changing hands), download and print his or her own PDF sewing pattern that they will have forever. School codes will be entered at Checkout to allow the pattern to be purchased via the normal online purchasing system. 
  3. Unless otherwise agreed (Classes <= 5 students), unused downloads are not permitted to be "carried over" - the download codes will expire mid way through the term (this assumes all students will be required to download and print the pattern in the first 4 weeks of term).

Conditions of purchase

You must be a teacher and be purchasing on behalf of a school and as such, you must provide a school email at checkout. The Sewing Revival reserves the right to cancel your order if you are not purchasing for school purposes.

The idea behind the pricing of the Class Bundles is that no student (or school) pays more than $5 per student for a pattern.

*One class means one year (for example, Year 10 term 2 soft materials tech class who will sew the Hummingbird Hoody).

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