I am often asked where I purchase fabrics - and to be honest, I don't have a "go to" as I tend to pick up things as I see them (yes - the fabric stash is massive - but you're allowed one indulgence in life aren't you?). Whilst it's not quite a deposit on a house, it is getting up there.

Other than my "impulse stash builders", I do have a few places I look when I am searching for something for a specific project. There also a huge number of places selling fabric online these days - and it also depends on which corner of the globe you are located.

I have compiled a list of FABRIC STORES (head over to the blog with this link) - that allows you to comment and add your favourite fabric or haberdashery store - I will do my best to update the list with your recommendations.

The following links are to suppliers for haberdashery required for specific patterns if you need a pointer in the right direction. 

Where to buy domes


Oversized domes (square or round):
*Spotlight Stores(online or in-store) -Large square domes

Buttons & Rivets
*MissMaude (Greytown)



Size Chart


Size Chart - The Sewing Revival