Sizing the Sidewinders


We've had a few questions re sizing of the SIDEWINDER pants - so please refer our example below.

Let's say your waist and hip measurements are:
Waist =98cm

1. Refer the SIZE CHART:
If not in the product description, the last 2 images on each product will be the Fabric requirements chart (so you can view this on your mobile phone if you need to refer to it when in a fabric store) and the Finished Garments Measures. Both have the bust, waist and hip measures (in metric and imperial) for each size. 

Our standard size 14 (refer Size Chart) has the following measures:
Waist = 86cm (34")
Hip = 109cm (43")

Size Chart

Comparing our example measures to the size chart:

Waist 86cm (example 98cm) but the pants have an elastic waist (at the back) so you can fix the elastic as tight/loose as you want (very adjustable).

Hip  109cm (yours 110) so it’s closest.


The Finished pants measures”  are the measures once sewn up)

How to choose your size - Sidewinder pants

W 86cm (once elastic is tight – but stretched it will be approx. 116cm so that you can pull them over your hips –  per comment above, you will sew the back waist elastic at the length that is a comfortable fit).

H 116cm (so you will have 6 cm of “ease” (116-110 =6cm > 3cm either hip) -which is 1.5cm in from each side (perfect).

So for this example, we don’t have to grade between sizes – just make up the size 14.
Apply this same technique for choosing the size that best fits you.

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