All about Bias

November 24, 2019

A woven fabric is created when threads are linked under and over each other. The threads that run lengthwise (up and down parallel to the selvedge) are called WARP threads.  The threads that run across the fabric (from side to side and selvedge to selvedge) are called the WEFT threads.

Warp and weft threads

If the fabric is placed on the diagonal, then it is on the "bias". The warp and weft threads run at 45% and the fabric "moves" more fluidly than if they run up/down and across.

  Bias cut

 A garment that is constructed with fabric that is cut on the bias (like the Bias Cami), moves with the body and is very comfortable to wear. 

BIAS TAPE (or bias binding) is a long thin strip of fabric that is cut on the bias. Because it  moves fluidly, it is often used to finish a curved edge in garment construction because it bends around the curve without puckering or folding.

ATTACHING BIAS TAPE:  Learn how to attach bias tape to a neckline here.  The same principles apply to attach the bias tape to any curve.

How to make your own bias tape

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